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Monday, November 2, 2009

Revit - View Range and Orient to View (3d from 2d)

Repost: http://designreform.net/2009/11/revit-view-range-and-orient-to-view-3d-from-2d/

Description: In this Autodesk Revit 2010 training video we’ll talk a bit about View Range and how to adjust the settings so that your views cut at a certain depth. I created a generic family that shows model text at 1 foot increments in elevation. So as we change the settings of the view, we’ll can see how the settings affect the view. Also, we’ll quickly cover Orient to View. With Orient to View you can have your 3d view (any of them) match your planometric views (Plan, Elevation, Section, ,Call Out).

Topics Covered:
  • View Range Property
  • Orient to View
  • 2d View to 3d view
  • Instantiating components onto a surface
Click here to see the video tutorial

Source: Autodesk Revit Training Video - View Range and Orient to View (3d from 2d) | Design Reform


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