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Sunday, December 6, 2009

BIM Balding

No, this has nothing to do with Jim Balding, a famous Augi Revit guru.  This is the photo of Shaan Hurley after having his head shaved for the charity I posted about but many of you let me down. 

To those of you who complained and sent nasty anonymous blog posts, I'm officially moving my blog in the direction of BIM for Construction.  Posting about Revit for architects seems like that's charity work so we'll be even at no more charity.

Anyway, enough rant, Shaan was gracious enough to actually go through with the head shaving.  I'm saddened that I missed being their in person, but I will make sure we reach Shaan's $2000 goal, even if it takes a little longer.  I'm sure the nice general contractors won't complain about the charity event. 

Thank you Shaan for your bravery and commitment to all things AutoCAD.  It's a noble effort, but I'm sure Revit will win by a hair.  We shall meet again Dr. Evil.


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