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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Building Energy Modeling Professional Certification

Thanks to the Revit Kid for spotting this one. We're delving into some serious soul searching here. The world of architecture and engineering is changing around you. As a simple example, so many times when showing architects Revit for the first time, the comment always comes that "we don't choose the wall type until later in the workflow. I now understand this to mean that if you decided a wall type early, you would have to change the offset of all of the walls in AutoCAD and that would mean a lot of extra work in changing all of those dwgs, xrefs, sections, callouts, schedules and elevations. It would make sense to do as much as possible later as to not have to redo drawing of those darned lines.

As you introduce energy modeling, LEED, energy analysis and design, it would seem that you have to make many of those later decisions very early on in the process. As a side note, IES has a free Revit plug-in to do an early BTU analysis of a building to help you determine the energy needs. If you're not going to step up to the plate, there are a lot of specialty contractors who are now working with the GCs to take their installation, manufacturing, component and systems experience to go directly to the Owner/Operators to help them make the assessments and recommendations. If you had been at Autodesk University, you'd have seen many classes around these topics. Forget status quo, everything here is the opposite of what is being done now. Seize the opportunity, not the opposition.

Repost> http://www.ashrae.org/certification/page/2491

ASHRAE’s Building Energy Modeling Professional certification program is being developed in collaboration with the U.S. affiliate of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA-USA) and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA). The purpose of this certification is to certify individuals’ ability to evaluate, choose, use, calibrate, and interpret the results of energy modeling software when applied to building and systems energy performance and economics and to certify individuals’ competence to model new and existing buildings and systems with their full range of physics.

The program will launch January 27, 2010 with a pencil and paper examination in conjunction with ASHRAE’s Winter Conference and AHR Expo in Orlando, FL. Take the inaugural BEMP exam at the ASHRAE Winter Conference and pay half price ($147.50 for members, $207.50 for non members).

The certification examination will be available in testing centers located throughout the United States and worldwide beginning in March 2010.

Download file Certification FAQs

Download file View Some Sample Exam Items

*Steps for earning a certification

Tips and Strategies for ASHRAE Certification Examination Preparation

  1. Read the Guidebook.
  2. Complete the Application.
  3. After ASHRAE approves your application, you will receive confirmation via e-mail.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at certification@ashrae.org.

*Complete the ApplicationBuilding Energy Modeling Professional certification Application

Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) Application

After we’ve approved your application, we’ll contact you via e-mail with further instructions and information.

*Download the Guidebook

PDF BEMP Guidebook

Building Energy Modeling Professional certification image GuidebookThe Guidebook contains important information related to the examination eligibility requirements, and available resources for the BEMP program.

Building Energy Modeling Professional Certification


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