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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't Just Stand there, Play RetroFits Game - Marketing FAIL

In a strange touch of irony, Autodesk had a booth at AU with a web based video game that will waste your time and energy. It's not that there are questions in between the game levels that may teach you something, but do we really need a game that wasted electricity to have you play it? Oh well. Then there's the "Share the Fun" link. Share the fun? Come on guys there's nothing fun about energy inefficiency. I hope IES doesn't plan the same antics to tout their sustainability and building performance analysis software.

Everyone go email tweet and blog about my blog about the game. Green Building Retrofits is not a game. It's serious business and I'm annoyed that Autodesk resources were spent on the game instead of making sloped piping in Revit MEP.

Tools to Share the RetroFits Game (Don't click it. It's just for show)
Share the fun—email, tweet, and blog about the game.

Video Link

YouTube - Don't Just Stand There, Play RetroFits


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