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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The EcoFabulous Modular Home from Architecton | Best House Design #LEED


December 12, 2009 Filed Under: Prefab Homes

Architecton has been researching eco-friendly solutions for many years. In 2008 they put all their knowledge to the test and designed and built the first EcoFabulous Home (1000 sq.ft., 400sq.ft. deck) as the Feature Home for the BC Home and Garden Show. The building was nominated for a Green Building Award by Western Living Magazine and was the subject of a keynote address they gave to the Canadian Manufactured Housing Institute.

Architecton were selected on the basis of their emphasis on producing an eco-friendly product, with a small footprint, factory built, and with originality of design. A well known author, Sheri Koones, choose their building as one of the 26 selected out of 300-400 examples for her book, and in her words “the greenest and most attractive houses available” in Canada and the U.S.

The EcoFabulous Home was designed by Kanau Uyeyama Architect Inc. The 1,400 ft2 v-shaped vacation home addresses the growing interest in preserving environmental resources by using reclaimed, recycled and sustainable materials and products. Energy-efficient appliances and windows, smart wiring and recycled materials mitigate the effect of the home’s eco-footprint. A clever combination of cedar-and-steel cladding will complement a custom-fabricated roof. Modular construction in the factory further increases construction efficiency, with the interior never being exposed to weather, thereby preserving the integrity of the kiln-dried wood.

The kitchen/great room wing and bedroom wing, linked at the main entry and by the courtyard deck, provide multiple accesses to the deck – a seamless integration of indoor/outdoor living environments – including a spa with a canopy, food-preparation area and potential for ample seating configurations. The surrounding landscape features drought-resistant grasses and plants, thus conserving water.

Summary of Green Solutions :

· Small Eco-footprint
· Reduced wastage with Factory Built
· Sustainable and Recycled Materials
(Cork, Engineered Cherry Floor, Cedar, Paper, Framing Lumber, Plywood)
· Breathable Building Wrap & Rainscreen
· Sprinkler System with progressively activated heads
· Energy Efficient Lighting, Appliances, Windows and Fireplace.
· Integrated Home Control System (Smart Wiring)
· Minimal or zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
· Cabinets – 100% Recycled Paper, zero VOCs
· Built-in Recycling Bins in Kitchen Island
· Local Products
· Water Conservation
· ‘Green’ Paint
· Continuous Ventilation
· Hydronic Heating System and DHW – 95% efficient
· Individual Thermostats for Radiators
· Solar Panel for Hot Water (Integrated w/ Hydronic System)

For more information visit the company’s website of this EcoFabulous Home – here
Watch the video of ecofabulous home construction and delivery :

Source: The EcoFabulous Modular Home from Architecton | Best House Design


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