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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Integrated Project Delivery – IPD | 3d4aec

So there you have it. The AIA, the same wonderful organization that created the Integrated Project Delivery documents is now acknowledging the need and desire to shift to full BIM, VDC, LEED and IPD. This is the point in the rant where I'm supposed to tell you AutoCAD users reading this that what else exactly do you need to be told to realize that it's just too late and you've missed the BIM boat. Instead, I won't say a thing, smile and tell you that you're doing all the right things and 2D drafting is always going to be the perfect solution for you.

There are about 90 Autodesk resellers in the US. There are 1.2 million architecture firms in the US. Let's assume that there are 3 people per firm that will need Revit training within the next 3 years. So we have 3.6 million people total with 1.2 million per year. 1.2 million divided by 90 resellers is 13,333 students per reseller. Take that divided by 52 weeks and that's 256 people per week. Since resellers can train about 10 people a week (520/year), there's going to be a 25 year backlog. Add in all of the engineers, contractors and subcontractors and you'll be able to get trained in about 32 years. These are realistic numbers ladies and gentlemen. If you haven't made plans to get Revit training soon, it's going to be a big problem. We'll be busy training the contractors on becoming Design/Build firms so hurry and do something before the recession ends.

Now serving number 333,333.

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I think that IPD – Integrated Project Delivery could be as important from an organizational change point of view to the New AEC (is that a good way to describe it?) as BIM. The other critically important 3 letter acronym is VDC – Virtual Design and Construction. In fact they all go hand in hand, and if treated as a system, the cummulative effect is going to result in something much greater than the sum of the parts – can you say revolution?

Markuu Allison from the AIA gave a very insightful talk on the paradigm shifting impact that IPD will have the production of a new building , or the retrofit of an existing, and as he pointed out, ‘Change is not optional”. This has to occur if we want to produce the kind of efficiency required to stop wasting as much as 50% of the money that goes into the average construction project.

He noted that severe fragmentation exists within the industry with 1.2 million AEC firms in the US alone. Architectural firms with more than 50 employees account for only 2% of the population. Approximately 30% of construction projects come in either over budget or beyond the schedule. And worst of all buildings are the primary source of greenhouse gases.

He stressed that IPD is both a philosophy and a delivery method. At a minimum he described it as a single contract that the owner, designer and contractor all sign agreeing to share the risks and rewards depending on the outcomes. This kind of agreement changes everything.

Today only 2% of the projects are using IPD. 34% are using BIM. He sees a faster adoption rate for IPD.

More in the next blog.

Posted by Gene Roe on Thursday, December 10, 2009 at 7:17 pm
Source: Integrated Project Delivery – IPD | 3d4aec


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