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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Project Bluestreak Update Now Available - It is Alive in the Lab

Senior Product Manager, Mark Evans, and Software Architect, Steve Voorhees, report that we released an update to the Project Blustreak technology preview. You can get more information about Project Bluestreak at:

The new release includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Messages: Users can now send messages to members of their network within Project Bluestreak. Your network includes those users who have accepted your invitation to be contacts or who are co-members of a Bluestreak group. We’ve included a notification setting that controls whether you will receive an email notification when you have a new message in Project Bluestreak.

  • Open a File from the Activity Stream: Any time a file to which you have access is uploaded or modified, an entry is created in the activity stream on your home page or group page. Now, each such entry includes a link to open (download) the file so that you don’t have to navigate to another page to do so. If you have notifications set to tell you about file changes, you don’t even have to switch to the Bluestreak web site; you can open the designated file from the notification email.

  • Password Change: From the settings page in Project Bluestreak, you can now change your login password.

  • Corrections: And, in response to your feedback, we have fixed many defects and polished many elements of the user experience.

Thank you for continuing to be part of the Project Bluestreak community! Keep telling us how we are doing at labs.bluestreak@autodesk.com.

Evolving our BIM social network is alive in the lab.

Project Bluestreak Update Now Available - It is Alive in the Lab


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