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Friday, December 11, 2009

Revit Architecture Tech Tip - File not saved during synchronize with central troubleshooting

Published date: 2009-Dec-11
ID: TS14274639
Applies to:
Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2010
Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2010
Autodesk® Revit® Structure 2010


When you attempt to synchronize with central you receive an error message followed with File not Saved.


The following process should help isolate or resolve this behavior:
  1. Verify that antivirus, firewall or WAN software is not blocking or placing locks on the following file types. If needed exclude or add an exception to the file types listed below:

    • DAT
    • RVT
    • RWS
    • SLOG

    Revit needs to modify and create these files when synchronizing with central for backups and the worksharing log. If any of these files are inaccessible the error message will occur.

  2. Verify the Windows temp directory is not full. You can browse to this location under Windows Start > Run > %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp. TS1058301 contains additional information on this issue.

  3. Verify a new local file can synchronize with central by navigating to the central file location. Highlight the central file, verify Create New Local is checked, and open the central file creating a new local file. With the new local file open navigate to Collaborate > Synchronize with Central. If the new local file can synchronize with central, file permissions or network settings can be ruled out as the issue.

  4. Verify if other users can synchronize with central. If the issue is isolated to one user’s local file, it may no longer be compatible with the central file. Typical causes of this include:

    • The local file is outdated or was not synchronized for a period of time.
    • The central file had a large number of changes invalidating the local file.
    • The central file was rolled back to a previous backup version.

    In this scenario the user should create a new local file. As a best practice all users should create new local files daily.

  5. Verify all users for the project are mapped to the central file in the same manner. Revit stores the location of the central file, and if opened and saved by another user at a different location, the central file will be updated. Any local files from the original location will no longer be compatible. The central file location can be verified and modified if needed under Collaborate > Synchronize and Modify Settings > Central File Location.

    If a user receives the following dialog box during the file open, the central file location has either moved or been saved in a new location:

If the workstation still cannot synchronize with central please collect the following files and log a support request through Subscription Center or contact your reseller:
• 3 latest journal files from the workstation: Location of journal files
• Copy of the central file.
• Copy of the local file.
• Copy of the worksharing log file, from the central file _backup folder. Worksharing log file is named CentralFileName.slog.

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