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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Revit Sheet Creator Application for Revit - Jason Grant Blog - Adaptive Practice by Jason Grant

Here is a great gift from Jason Grant. Thanks Jason for taking the time to save every Revit user even more time in 2010.

From: http://jasongrant.squarespace.com/jason-grant-blog/2009/12/24/sheet-creator-application-for-revit.html

As promised, the Sheet Creator application for Revit has been uploded to the download section of this site. Below is a video that shows the current steps to create a sheet in Revit and then shows how the application speeds up the process.

Revit Sheet Creator Application from Jason Grant on Vimeo.

To install, follow these directions:
  • Download SheetCreatorV1.zip file from the download section of this site.
  • Create a folder in your C: drive - C:\Revit Apps
  • Extract all files to this folder
  • Once extracted, you can run the ModifyIniFile_SheetCreator.exe file to add this application to any others you have in your Revit.ini file or you can use the extracted Revit.ini file as a reference to append the file yourself.
  • Run Revit and the program should be listed in your Add-Ins Panel under external tools
  • The only file that needs to stay in the C:\Revit Apps folder is SheetCreator.dll. Any other files can be deleted once installed.

The source code (written in C#) for this is also found in the SheetCreatorV1.zip file if you would like to expand or customize the application.

Version 2 of this utility is already in development where I will be working on expanding the options. These options could include loading additional title blocks and bringing in a list of sheets from excel. Keep posted in 2010 for new versions.

This application was developed for Revit Architecture 2010 and has not been tested in other versions or releases. There should not be an issue with using it in the MEP and Structural versions of Revit 2010. If you have any general ideas for improvements please let me know by leaving a comment or clicking here.

Source:Sheet Creator Application for Revit - Jason Grant Blog - Adaptive Practice by Jason Grant


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