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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SmartMarket Report: Green Building Retrofit & Renovation - Research & Analytics - McGraw-Hill Construction #LEED

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an original of the report and it's pretty amazing.  Anyone who wants details or to discuss it's implications, please contact me and I'll fill you in on how to find a lot of business opportunities.


SmartMarket Report: Green Building Retrofit & Renovation
Publication Date: 22-OCT-09
Pages: 64
Format: PDF
Price: $189.00
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This 64-page printed report (available as hard copy or PDF) focuses on the green renovation and retrofit marketplace from the perspective of the owners and tenants of commercial office and retail buildings. Topics covered include sizing the current and future market, business benefits, and motivations, triggers and challenges for doing a green renovation/retrofit-including government incentives. The report also includes in-depth, performance based case studies on 19 green renovation and retrofit projects.

Charts throughout the report offer detailed information and successful strategies in order to take advantage of opportunities in the green renovation and retrofit market. For example, the business motivations for owners and tenants are illustrated in two charts, revealing that owners are motivated by lowering lifecycle costs (76%), higher ROI (64%) and improved tenant satisfaction (60%). Tenants as well are motivated by lower operating costs (96%) and improved employee satisfaction (71%). Thus immediate financial returns are the main motivation shared by owners and tenants.

While the report demonstrates that government incentives can encourage growth in green renovation/retrofit activity, with 38% of owners and 70% of tenants agreeing that the stimulus will be a catalyst, it reveals that a strong business argument is central to the green retrofit/renovation market. That focus on building performance is reflected in the 19 case study projects featured that provide real data on the paybacks and process improvements across varied green renovation/retrofit projects.

Outline of Contents

Page 4 - Market Summary
  1. Green Retrofit Market Poses Strong Market Growth Over Next 5 Years
    1. Chart - Green Retrofit Market Opportunity
  2. Owners and Tenants with Green Retrofit Experience are Likely to Do More Green Retrofit Projects
    1. Chart - Current Level of Green Retrofit Activity
  3. Strong Market Growth Expected By Owners
    1. Chart - Level of Green Retrofit Market Growth Expected (Owners)
  4. Owners Expect to Recoup their Investments Through Cost Savings
    1. Chart - Expectation that Energy Cost Savings will be Recouped in 10 Years
  5. Green Retrofit Activities
    1. Chart - Green Retrofit Activities
  6. Recommendations
Page 6 - Green Retrofit Market Activity
  • Green Retrofit Market Opportunity
  • Level of Green Retrofit Activity
    • Chart - Current Level of Green Retrofit Activity
  • Future Growth of the Green Retrofit Market
    • Chart - U.S. Commercial Green Retrofit Market (Owner projections for the next 3 years)
    • Chart - Level of Green Retrofit Market Growth Expected (Owners)
Page 10 - Financing
  • Chart- Financing Green Retrofits
  • ESCOs and the Green Retrofit Market
Page 12 - Market Profile
  • Age of Buildings Involved in Green Retrofit
    • Chart - Age of Green Retrofitted Buildings
  • Size of a Firm's Green Retrofit Investment
    • Chart - Square Footage of Green Retrofits by Owners and Tenants
    • Chart - Money Spent by Owners on Overall Green Retrofit Activity
Page 15 - Business Benefits
  • Measuring Economic Impact
  • Chart - Measure of Economic Impact
  • Expectation that Energy Cost Savings Will Be Recouped in 10 Years
    • Chart - Expectation that Energy Cost Savings Will be Recouped in 10 Years
  • Expected Decrease in Operating Costs
    • Chart - Operating Cost Decrease Expected Next Year
    • Chart - Operating Cost Decreased Expected in 10 Years
  • Expected Increase in Building Value
    • Chart - Building Value Increase Over Next 3 Years Due to Green Retrofit
  • Expected Increase in ROI
    • Chart - Expected Increase in ROI
  • Expected Time to Lease Green Retrofitted Space
    • Chart - Expected Time to Lease Green Retrofitted Space (Owners)
  • Expected Increase in Overall Occupancy
    • Chart - Increase in Overall Occupancy Due to Green Retrofit Over Next Year (Owners)
  • Expected Rent Increase Due to Green Retrofits
    • Chart - Overall Rent Increase Due to Green Retrofit Over the Next 3 Years (Owners)
  • Tenant Willingness to Pay a Premium for Green Retrofits
    • Chart - Rent Premium Tenants Prepared to Pay for Green Retrofitted Space
  • Importance of Green Retrofitting to Companies Leasing Space
    • Chart - Importance of Green Retrofit to Leasing Companies (Owner)
    • Chart - Importance to Company of Leasing Green Retrofitted Space (Tenants)
  • Maximizing Business Benefits
Page 20 - Market Intelligence
  • Business Motivations for Green Retrofits
    • Chart - Green Retrofit Business Motivation (Owners)
    • Chart - Green Retrofit Business Motivation (Tenants)
  • Environmental and Social Motivations
    • Chart - Environmental Motivations for Green Retrofit Projects
    • Chart - Social Motivations for Green Retrofit Projects
  • Achieving Optimal Performance in Green Retrofit and Renovation Projects
  • Green Retrofit Triggers
    • Chart - Most Important Triggers to Green Retrofit
  • Green Retrofit Challenges
    • Chart - Challenges with the Highest Impact on the Decision to Retrofit Green
Page 26 - Government Effect
  • Attitudes about Green and Energy-Efficient Policies
    • Chart - Energy Audits Will Become Mandatory for Commercial Buildings within 3 years (Owners)
    • Chart - Making Buildings More Energy Efficient Will Create New Construction Jobs
    • Chart - ARRA Funding Will Catalyze the Drive for Energy Efficiency in Older Buildings
  • Green Jobs and Training
  • Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    • Chart - Role of ARRA in Going Green
    • Chart - Will ARRA affect Green Retrofitting
  • Effectiveness of Government Incentives
    • Chart - Effectiveness of Government Incentives
  • Government Policies Driving Green in Existing Buildings
Page 31 - Green Retrofit Practices
  • Use of Green Consultants
    • Chart - Hired Green Consultant
  • Level of Green Retrofit Activities
    • Chart - Number of Green Retrofit Activities
  • Types of Green Retrofit Activities
    • Chart - Green Retrofit Activities
  • Specific Green Retrofit Systems and Product Types
    • Chart - Energy-Efficient Mechanical Systems
    • Chart - Energy-Efficient Lighting
    • Chart - Improved Occupancy Comfort
  • Green Building Products
    • Chart - Ability of Survey Respondents to Name Any Given Brand
    • Chart - Top-of-Mind Brands Mentioned by More than One Respondent
Page 36 - Performance Ratings and Green Certification
    • Chart - Use of Green Certification Programs
    • Chart - Company Has Calculated Energy Star Score Using Portfolio Manager
Page 37 - Green Retrofitting in the Global Marketplace
Page 38 - Methodology
Page 39 - Case Studies
  • Introduction
  • Center for Neighborhood Technology, Chicago IL
  • Carriage House Children's Center, Pittsburgh PA
  • Thought Leader Perspective: Bob Peck GSA
  • GSA: Leading the Way in Greening Existing Buildings
    • Howard Metzenbaum United States Courthouse, OH
    • John J Duncan Federal Building, TN
    • Portland Custom House, ME
  • 100 Montgomery Office Building, San Francisco CA
  • ideacenter at PlayhouseSquare, Cleveland OH
  • Scowcroft Building, Ogden UT
  • Iconic Green Retrofit: Empire State Building
  • Skanksa NY Headquarters, Empire State Building, New York NY
  • SOFLO Office Studios, San Antonio TX
  • Founding Farmers Restaurant, Washington DC
  • Thought Leader Perspective: Adrian Smith on Conserving And Saving Energy at America's Tallest Tower
  • Merchandise Mart Building, Chicago IL
  • Armstrong Headquarters Building, Lancaster PA
  • One Harvard Circle, Suffolk Headquarters, West Palm Beach FL
  • National Life Office Building, Montpelier VT
  • Mountain Gear Headquarters and Warehouse, Spokane WA
  • Loyola Elementary School, Los Altos CA
  • 200 Marketplace Office Building, Portland OR
  • Pepsico Headquarters Building, Chicago IL

SmartMarket Report: Green Building Retrofit & Renovation - Research & Analytics - McGraw-Hill Construction


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