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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dept. of Obscure: Edit Verticies - Revit

Obscure Verticies...was that command available in AutoCAD 10?

Seriously, I think I've uncovered a bit of the fear of BIM. It's simply that since learning and using AutoCAD (and 2D) is so complicated, then learning Revit and 3D must be really complicated. If they only knew that if you just modeled buildings in Revit the same way you build the actual building, they'd love the workflow. Of course, it requires knowing how to build a building, but that's never stopped anyone from approving a set of sealed drawings.

Anyway, this is a cool repost of some great massing features. Please don't forget that if you actually create a building that looks like this, you'll never be an EnergyStarchitect because it'll be complicated and expensive to build.

Source: http://insidethefactory.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/01/dept-of-obscure-edit-verticies.html

In the process of reviewing some tool-tips I came across a command that really felt like a blog post waiting to be written. What is this command, where does it live, and why would one need it?

Essentially this command allows you to control triangulation on the surfaces of a blend. The two forms below are made from the same blends but the edgy guy on the right was worked over with the "Edit Verticies" command.

Note: The workflow in the new massing environment is different. This command applies only to general family blend forms of non-mass categories.


When working with blends I typically make some "Bones" using model lines. These can be made parametric and live in nested families that are placed at different heights in the parent family. Not a requirement but powerful (An extreme example of this "rig" technique using the new modeling tools can be found here on David Lights blog and here on BIM Troublemaker)

Once you have your bones use the "Pick Lines" method when sketching the top and base of the blends.


While making the blend, or later editing the blend top or base, you will see the "Edit Verticies" command. When clicked you'll get the 'Twist" and "Reset" commands as well as toggles to control where the vertice controls appear.


Here is what the controls look like in the view. The controls are either hollow (no vertice) or filled (vertice). They kind of point to an intersection where they will try to connect to. The best way to learn how they work is just start clicking them until you get the shape you desire. If you go too far use the "Reset" command.

Below I enabled eight vertices on the base of the blend.

Continuing on editing eight vertices on the top of the upper blend. Voila.



Source: Inside the Factory: Dept. of Obscure: Edit Verticies


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