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Monday, January 25, 2010

FREE Unlocked LEED 2009 Checklists That Don't Suck!

Since I know you're all working on LEED projects, this great find should help you create green buildings more efficiently. So, I have a question for all of you CAD users. Why do you use such an inefficient technology to create construction documents? Don't even try to say that you can do it just as fast in AutoCAD as you can in Revit. I had the most amazing conversation with a BIM Manager from a firm who has 80 people working there. Nothing made me happier to hear than him telling me about how he single handedly got his firm moving in the BIM direction. I have this metric that at any firm, when a reseller first comes in and shows you Revit, and even after you get training on it, that 20% of the team will embrace the technology and the rest will fight it kicking and screaming, sabotaging, bad mouthing and generally try to prove that Revit isn't right for their firm. Today that was confirmed for me, in at least one firm.

Even nicer was finding out that he's been reading my blog for over 2 years and even agrees with "99%" of what I write here. So, to that BIM manager, I'd like to personally thank you for the chat and let you know how appreciative I was of the time you gave me today. It's been one of the benefits of my blog in that I've been able to engage in some incredible conversations with people that wouldn't normally give a Revit salesperson the time of day. But me, being a BIM consultant, I get to knock on some doors that are typically closed. Thank you to those who I've had those chats with, up to and including Steve Jones, the BIM superhero who creates the McGraw-Hill Smart Market BIM Reports who when i introduced myself at AU, knew who I was. That was a real blogger treat. Enough about me, let's talk about your needs on LEED projects:

Source: http://www.reallifeleed.com/2010/01/free-unlocked-leed-2009-checklists-that.html

You may have heard me rant about the credit checklists the USGBC has released, and I've finally gotten around to doing something about it. Below you'll find links to Excel checklists for each of the five v2009 (aka v3) rating systems (...if you think I'm going to try to revamp the LEED-Homes checklist you're insane). Each prints to a single page, has an area for notes, and is COMPLETELY UNLOCKED, so if you don't like something you can edit it on your own. I use the notes all the time to keep track of consultant comments and changes... it's the best way I'm aware of for tracking changes in LEED points over time, just put a date in front of the filename and you have a snapshot in time!

NOTE: All five checklists were setup to use the whole page, and you may need to adjust the margins for them to print properly. All five use 0.0' for header and footer, .35' for top and bottom margins, and .25' for left and right margins. Admittedly, those with poor eyesight probably aren't going to like how they print, as the text gets pretty small. I would simply recommend changing it from a one page print to a two page print and adjusting the notes width to get it back to normal proportions.

New USGBC Official Checklists

In the USGBC's defense, they have released (without telling anyone that I can see) new and genuinely improved Excel checklists that feature two tabs: a one-page simplified printing option and a more detailed view similar to past editions. Unfortunately, they're still hung up on forbidding editing of any kind and for some reason have bathed the checklists in a disgusting yellow color. Some may find these new checklists preferable for their purposes though, so I've linked to those directly below for your convenience:

Do you have a pressing need for similar unprotected checklists for older LEED systems (e.g. v2)? Do my checklists stink? Let me know how to make them better by leaving a comment!


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