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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Linked File Line Weights - Revit Tutorial

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In Revit, line weights are pulled from the project settings > line weights. This holds true for linked files, which will also utilize their specific line weight settings. Let’s look at the following common scenario and example line weight:
-You have a host architectural file, where walls object style cut weight is set to 5.
-You have a linked structural file, where walls object style cut weight is set to 7.
-You want the weights to appear the same thickness in a section view, so in the host project you set the Visibility/Graphic Overrides > Revit Links > link Display Setting to By Host View.
-This replaces the object style cut weight for walls in the linked file to the host file setting. So in this example, instead of using 7 for the linked walls they will now utilize the host project cut weight of 5.
If you get to this point and the lines are appearing at different thicknesses look for the following:
-Open the linked file in another instance of Revit. Open Manage > Settings > Line Weights.
-Since we’re looking at walls, open the Model Line Weights tab. Locate the line weight number, and then the scale of the particular view. Note the line width.
LineWeights -Now compare this to the host project setting. Since objects pull the line weight settings from their project, this is the most common cause for varying line weight appearances when set to the same cut value.
If you need the weights to match, you can adjust the line weight of the linked file to match the host file. You can also automatically pull the values from the host to the link using Manage > Transfer Project Standards > Line Weights.
If you do not wish to modify the line weight values of the link, you can also create a new line style under Manage > Settings > Line Styles. Then apply this line override to the linked lines in the host project using the Modify > Linework tool.

Source: Linked File Line Weights


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