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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

REVIT Architecture Lab Exercise Videos: REVIT Rocks !

More tutorials for the beginner crowd.  I don't know how Daryl finds the time to do all of this, but let's hope he never stops.


Below you will find a series of free CADclip 'Lab Exercises' on how to model and document the drawings for a double car garage. This is a great training aid / resource for anyone who is teaching REVIT or learning to use REVIT (Architecture or Structure).
There will be a total of approx. 25 videos posted in the next couple days.
Remember, this is a 'Lab Exercise' and not a Tutorial. They are best utilized after getting familiar with REVIT. For more detail tutorials visit CADclips.
We start with grid lines and levels, then walls, doors, windows, footings and a roof. Then a sloping slab and notched foundation wall at the overhead door. Then we put the plans, elevations, section and schedules on a sheet ready for printing.
We also constrain and align the walls, grids, roof and slab to establish a nice neat parametric project.
Move a grid line and the entire project updates right down to the sheets and schedules.
* Make sure you try the 'Maximize' button as shown below.

Lesson 1: Startup
...continue on to see the rest of the videos: REVIT Rocks !: REVIT Architecture Lab Exercise Videos


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