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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update on a funny thing happened on the way to AIA.org - Another trainwreck

While I was talking to the executive director of an AIA chapter today trying to figure out how to bring BIM to the members and put on a conference for principals, I asked her to go to AIA.org and go down to the 20 questions for architects links that I wrote about recently that led to a broken link that said 'error'.  I was hoping that she would be able to contact someone about fixing it.  Too late.  I hope my post had something to do with it.

Congratulations to the AIA for fixing a broken link and I'm glad it was fixed because it leads to an even bigger more ironic problem. Here's a screen shot of the top of the page

 My questions is, what is wrong with you people?  Make a mental note about quantities and credibility.  When putting a link on the front page of your website, and devoting an entire section to "20 Questions", can someone please explain to me why there are 21 questions on the page?  I guess it's the same problem with door schedules that don't always match the number of doors on the plans. 

Perhaps question #17 was added recently.  It's the one asking if you'll see models or computer animations.  A little vague, but better than nothing.

Uh, #20...how long will it take to complete?  Wouldn't that be a question for the contractor?  How disruptive will construction be?  See question #17 and ask if they're using Revit or AutoCAD.

Well, that was fun.  Let's see how long it takes to have a little revision cloud put on that web page.  The beauty of this is that you can't make this stuff up.  I wonder if there's any sort of technology for BIM for web sites. 


Everythingisconnected January 29, 2010 at 11:30 PM  

It is bad enough that we can't count to 20? 21? Now we publish a job notice like this? What is to become of our profession?
".ISO: Experienced Architect to Travel World and Host TV Show

Television production company is looking for an experienced male architect, architecture expert, or educator to co-host a television show that explores the most innovative buildings in the world. Candidates should be familiar with practical approaches to all types of construction, architectural theory, and innovative design and practice.

TV experience is not required but it can help. Personality and communication skills are critical. Co-host will travel to some of the most unique structures around the globe and interview the men and women who built them. Show is expected to shoot for approximately four weeks in the summer 2010. Email inquiries to ford@nho.la or call NHO Entertainment, Inc. at 310-963-1795 310-963-1795."

Since to be the host of this show all you need to be is male, speak well and sparkle I suggest we have a second show with a woman required to have knowledge of the profession as well as architectural history.

kris February 14, 2010 at 7:37 AM  

reminds me of the inane chain letters I regularly receive, such as 'Top 10 things you wish you had never learned' where forwarders have added their own lines and there are now 137 things you wished you didn't know.
that dork Letterman is to blame!!

"a WOMAN required to have knowledge of the profession as well as architectural history"--yeah, good luck with that. ;-)

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