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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Owners Look for in Green Building and Why Contractors Should Care

Damn it...now you've gotten the lawyers involved.  You thought you had liability from 2D drafting, and then from BIM.  Now there's another layer of complexity.

I think I've figure it out.  There's going to be one giant national architecture/engineering firm in each state who outsource various pieces to small architecture and engineering firms.  Only the HOKs, SOMs, Genslers and Perkins + Will type firms have really invested for years in BIM and LEED and I don't see how the really small firms who complain about paying $725/year for subscription are going to spend the money to invest in Revit, IES, Ecotect, CF Design and other energy analysis software and actually pay for training. 

Anyone out there have any thoughts on this?  We have an cost, infrastructure, technology, training and implementation problem surrounding BIM, LEED and IPD.  Maybe the contractor led Design to Build firms will rule the world.  I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on this.

Repost: http://constructionlawva.com/what-owners-look-for-in-green-building-and-why-contractors-should-care/

A recent article at the Ahead of Schedule Blog brings up a project owner’s perspective on “green” building.The article starts by stating that:
Despite the explosion of articles, seminars and webinars on green building and development during the last year or so, there is a dearth of information in the development world regarding what project owners and developers who do want to build a green project should actually put in their design and construction contracts.
The post then lists several good points regarding what a construction project owner should look for and request in its contracts, particularly with a design professional.
Construction Law Musings generally discusses these issues from a contractor, sub-contractor or construction attorney’s perspective and the potential liability inherent in constructing such projects and this article has much to recommend it, and not just from an owner standpoint. The fact remains that owners will be seeking sustainable building, whether through LEED or some other energy efficiency or environmental measure. Project Owners will either chose sustainable building for economic or moral reasons, or through government mandate.

Knowing the other side’s playbook is one way that a football team can prepare, the same holds true in pre-construction negotiation of contracts. Knowledge of the types of contractual provisions an owner will seek to include in a construction contract can and will go a long way toward a general contractor’s ability to negotiate a proper contract, both with the owner and its subcontractors. A working knowledge of the possible issues between owners and architects will inform a contractor’s working knowledge of the benefits and potential liabilities inherent in “green” building and keep it ahead of the curve. Such knowledge will also go a long way toward dealing with these issues of human action and the long time horizons inherent in sustainability.

In short, just like a football coach who would love to know the other teams next play, contractors should be sure to check out this article and it’s insight into an owner’s “playbook.”

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What Owners Look for in Green Building and Why Contractors Should Care: "


Derrek Cooper January 20, 2010 at 10:48 PM  

Working at CFdesign, we have seen an explosion of interest in air flow and thermal simulation in the AEC space. We recently announced a direct integration with Revit. This allows users to run multiple designs or scenarios and compare the results in an environment that was designed with the multi-tasking design engineer in mind. Check out our link for more details. http://www.cfdesign.com/Will-CFdesign/Solve-My-Problem/Architectural-Engineering.aspx

Chris Hill January 24, 2010 at 8:48 PM  

Thanks for the Repost Greg!

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