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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5 Curtain Wall Tips - The Revit Clinic

Repost: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/02/5-curtain-wall-tips.html

Included below are 5 tips to keep in mind when working with curtain walls…

1. Curtain Grid Type Association

Highlighting a curtain grid and selecting Unpin will automatically change the Type Association setting to Independent. You can save a few clicks using the Unpin tool instead.


2. Curtain Walls in Legend Views

Curtain walls do not display in Legend views. While you can drag them onto a Legend view, they will be invisible. This is because the majority of the curtain wall components [such as mullions, panels and construction settings] are driven by Type Properties which are not accessible for this object type in legend views.


3. Curtain Grid Lines Constrained to Project Grid Lines

By default you cannot align & constrain a curtain wall grid line to a project grid line. However once the curtain wall grid line is set independent under the type properties or by unpinning it, you can use the align & constrain padlock to associate a project gridline to a curtain grid:

Video Example

4. Curtain Wall Doors & Door Schedule Level

Typically when a curtain wall door is added to the curtain wall, it appears in the door schedule with the same base constraint as the curtain wall.

Curtain wall doors are not typical doors and the placement does not always correspond to a project level. The most consistent method to reset the associated level is outlined in the video below. It involves temporarily changing the entire curtain wall base constraint and then placing a nested curtain wall in an infill to host the door. When complete the curtain wall base constraint can be reset:

Video Example

5. Corner Mullion – Butt Glazing

You can replicate a butt glazing condition using a glass mullion or similar at the corner. Steve Stafford had an excellent video example of this workflow on the Revit OpEd blog. I’ve included the original post and video here.

5 Curtain Wall Tips - The Revit Clinic


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