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Friday, February 12, 2010

Announcing The Build2Sustain Podcast / Sustainability / Green Building

I should have written this post last week, but I was waiting for the podcast release first. I'm proud to announce that I've been added to the advisory board of this incredible organization, Build2Sustain. I was first contacted by James Bedell March of last year. He's another one of those passionate driven people that's trying to save the world. Below is information about Build2Sustain. I recommend you delve into the site a little deeper as the team is looking to create and document repeatable successes in sustainable design and construction. I look forward to adding my expertise with Revit, Ecotect, IES and all of the other technology I deal with every day for green building and BIM. The other members of the advisory board are truly a fantastic group of people so maybe one of you reading this will be inspired to join our cause.

Part office makeover reality series…part social network and online community organizer…part catalyst for systemic change, Build2Sustain will be a working, transparent laboratory for the best minds in sustainable building and design.

Build2Sustain seeks to break down barriers to sustainable commercial building and design by developing best practices and real-world business cases. Our mission: to bring sustainable design to every organization – large or small.

To fulfill our mission, Build2Sustain will partner with leading architects, designers, contractors and vendors to custom retro-fit commercial spaces with greener, more efficient design and materials. Each project will be entirely documented and broadcast via our website and social networking outlets to create transparency in this usually closed process, to invite scrutiny and collaboration, and to create an evolving set of best practices and ROI data that will serve as the platform for sustainable business now and tomorrow.
How Build2Sustain Works

Click on the image for more on our model

Ultimately, Build2Sustain endeavors to make sustainable design and sustainable business more efficient, more profitable and more pervasive, one successful renovation at a time.

We're thrilled to announced the Build2Sustain Podcast (iTunes link). Part of our mission is to explore best practices in green building. To advance that mission we've launched a podcast to discuss the issues important to the green building industry. This month's discussion centers around managing client expectations when it comes to green building. Should an architect act as an advocate for LEED with this client? What happens when a building doesn't perform to the green expectations of it's owner or tenant? What on Earth is a green lease? We delve into these issues with Stephen Del Percio and Shari Shapiro two leading attorneys in the green building industry.
Build2Sustain is a conversation...so join us...the comment section awaits!

Source: Announcing The Build2Sustain Podcast - Blog - Build2Sustain


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