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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Autodesk Showroom 1.1.28 integrated into Dacor.com - go see it - It is Alive in the Lab

More cloud computing for Autodesk. Soon you'll be using Revit in the cloud and able to pick and choose your design team from around the world. Are you ready for that?

Modern kitchen alternative to the existing Traditional kitchen

As of 5 minutes ago, you can now choose between two different kitchens on Dacor.com when shopping for appliances: Traditional or Modern. Check it out now:

Project Showroom started out as a technology preview of a simulated shopping experience so we could get your feedback on "What if the images took 4 seconds to generate?" and "How would that affect the shopping experience?" You may recall my frequently blogged buzz phrase:

    "Project Showroom is a technology preview that establishes a vision for a service for home furnishing suppliers to enable their customers to visualize their products in real-life room settings."

This vision was further demonstrated with our second prototype which we created for Jenn-Air as part of the Kitchen/Bathroom Industry Show. Based on your feedback, this evolved into the shopping experience that you see on the Dacor site today. As part of today's release, we have expanded the Seek-based product data and set of cached images to include a modern kitchen to complement the traditional kitchen that was first launched as part of our January 27 release.

So go ahead and embark on your own shopping spree using "synthetic photography."

Experiencing what selected products look like in a personally configured kitchen is alive in the lab.

Autodesk Showroom 1.1.28 integrated into Dacor.com - go see it - It is Alive in the Lab


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