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Saturday, February 20, 2010

BIM bumps - Seth's Blog: more, More, MORE!

I swear that every day, Seth Godin's blog can be used here in relation to the Autodesk ecosystem. I read today's and almost didn't see the connection until I glanced at it a second time. Being an Autodesk reseller isn't always so special. Autodesk has over 80 products and it's a challenge to know what each do and how they relate to your job. Then there's the various pricing options to deal with. A new seat of Civil 3D has 22 unique line items. Of course, why should Autodesk bother with that many pricing options because, of course, you want the software for free. Then we hear the whole "we're buying Archicad" story and the "we should file a class action lawsuit against Autodesk" story. There's the forever famous "for that price, training should be included for free" story. The "but we just upgraded four years ago" lament really brings tears to our eyes.

My favorite is "we only do 2D, we don't do 3D". My response is, "what do you design, parking lots?". While we've been trying to get you to invest in Revit for the past 8 years, you've shunned us, ignored us, resisted us, mocked us and keep telling us you won't give Autodesk money for their software. Let's not even talk about subscription.

So, what do you think is going to happen when you get a job where your client requires Revit? As our Revit sales increase every year, there's going to be a backlog for training. We've developed an extensive list of best practices, lessons learned and implementation guidelines. Of course, you can try to figure it all out on your own, but remember, your client is expecting their project to get finished sooner than later.

Of course, we never want to lose a customer, but we need to position our resources where they have the most benefit. Top of the list are the contractors and subs who don't mind paying for software or training. Read the post below. Hopefully you see yourself as one of the great customers who loves investing in technology, training and subscription. Typically, Revit customers are the best Autodesk clients since they've gotten such benefits from the technology.

Autodesk simplified pricing starts 3/16/10. If your subscription has expired over 365 days ago or you have an older version, expect a bit of sticker shock (plus subscription). If cash flow is an issue, we can get you financing deals. If you had a copy of Revit 2008, it would cost $2375 to upgrade and get it on subscription. If you qualified for financing, a 3 year finance package would cost about $75 per month for 36 months. That's 43 cents an hour.

Moral of the story? Use your resources wisely. Be nice to your reseller, especially if it's me because we do want to help you, especially if you appreciate BIM. Oh yeah, stop trying to get us to compete against each other to get you the lowest price. If we don't make any money, we can't afford to hire techs to support Revit and other products. Then we can't help you when you have problems. Pick a reseller based on their expertise, technical services, quality of training and only pick a reseller with a kick as Revit blog. I'll be waiting for your call.

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Some consumers are short-sighted, greedy and selfish.

Extend yourself a little and they'll want a lot.

Offer a free drink in the restaurant one night and they're angry that it's not there the next.

The nuts in first class weren't warm!

The challenge of winning more than your fair share of the market is that the best available strategy--providing remarkable service and an honest human connection--will be abused by a few people you work with.

You have three choices: put up with the whiners, write off everyone, or, deliberately exclude the ungrateful curs.

Firing the customers you can't possibly please gives you the bandwidth and resources to coddle the ones that truly deserve your attention and repay you with referrals, applause and loyalty.

Posted by Seth Godin

Original: Seth's Blog: more, More, MORE!


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