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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BIM Troublemaker: Thick and Juicy Fun with Curtain Panels

Oh man. BIM Troublemaker is at it again. Extreme BIM. Great jobt BT. Keep 'em coming.

Repost: http://bimtroublemaker.blogspot.com/2010/02/thick-and-juicy-fun-with-curtain-panels.html

I really like the curtain panels in Revit. They're fun. While playing with the templates, I realized that I could add thickness.

That's great! So following the precedent set by Carl's Jr, I figured that 'Thicker is Better'...And here we go....Start with a sexy, curvy form like this:
Apply the pattern surface, in the properties panel I adjust the thickness to 20m...Nothing succeeds like excess.
Nice! Now lets add a twist...

and playing around a bit with the number of panels and their twist angles, it gets real thick and juicy....somebody get me a napkin...

BIM Troublemaker: Thick and Juicy Fun with Curtain Panels


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