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Monday, February 15, 2010

BIM/IPD - Aspen still owes $1M to Burlingame contractor | AspenTimes.com

We'll just skip to the last few sentences of this article to the part where the owner is so unhappy with the project that they require IPD on the last phase. And you thought it would be years before this would start to happen. Don't you get it? The owners and government entities are tired of shelling out millions of dollars for delays, discrepancies and change orders. CAD is dead not because of the technology itself but because it leads to Computer Aided Disasters.

How long did you really think you could keep doing the same thing over and over without somebody finally saying no and changing the game. Welcome to the next 28 years.


The city has paid Shaw $35.5 million for the first phase of Burlingame. The final phases are estimated to cost between $78 and $85 million, which includes all aspects of the project.

Atkinson told the Times last year that the company lost money on constructing phase one of Burlingame.

As the developer of Burlingame Ranch, the city of Aspen has been under public scrutiny in recent years over whether it's capable of effectively managing such a large capital project.

That's why for the next development phase, the city isn't using the traditional “design-build” approach where the contractor is motivated by making a profit and keeping costs down. This time around, the city is employing what's called an “integrated project delivery” approach.

It entails an owner's agent, an architect/design team, a contractor at risk and a commissioning agent. The goal is to develop a guaranteed maximum price bid with more oversight than the first phase.

“It is an extremely positive step forward,” Bossart said.

Aspen still owes $1M to Burlingame contractor | AspenTimes.com


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