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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Build2Sustain Paper Project - Blog - Build2Sustain

Monday, February 15, 2010 at 8:56AM

At the end of 2009, Build2Sustan published our first white paper. It was titled “It’s Time to Jump into Sustainability.” It was the beginning of our business case for sustainable renovation, and we’re very proud of it. We’re ready to take our study of green renovation to the real world. That’s why I’m pleased to tell you about the Build2Sustain Paper Project. The idea of the paper project is simple. Green renovation is happening everywhere, some of it is LEED certified, some of it isn’t. Some of it is cost effective and well, some of it isn’t. Build2Sustain seeks to define a set of best practices in sustainable renovation that both reduce impact on the environment and maximize ROI.

So we’re proposing a paper project to study the design process. The paper project is a 12-week program in which Build2Sustain will partner with an academic institution and a local architect to work through the design process for a building or space on campus. We’ll go to the campus and assess opportunities, select a site we feel is most representative of Build2Sustain project and work through a series of design solutions aimed at increasing the value of the space through sustainable retrofit and renovation. Whenever Build2Sustain engages in a project we think of three parties and how they will benefit.

In this case the three parties are:

Our Academic Partner
The Design/Build Community

Here are the benefits to each:

What Our Academic Partner gets out of it:
A series of designed solutions analyzing opportunity, improving design, increasing functional building performance (i.e. what you do in the space), as well as "green" building performance (i.e. how sustainably you do it) while increasingly building value and establishing realistic ROI and payback.

These design solutions as well as associated time lines, costs, and payback periods will be synthesized down to a proposal for the school to act on at a time of their choosing.

What the community gets out of it:
As with anything we do Build2Sustain seeks to be as transparent as possible. The paper project is no different. As our project unfolds, the design process will be shared over our website in as-close-to-real-time as possible. So client priorities, design decisions, associated cost and end results are available for review, comment and perhaps scrutiny from the design/build community. We feel that by employing this open-style model, we begin to distill best practices for the entire industry to follow. Which brings me to...

What we get out of it:
A chance to define our process when it comes to assessing and designing sustainable building solutions keeping ROI and payback in the foreground. We also get to test the idea of open sourcing and crowd sourcing solutions when it comes to green retrofit and design. In essence we are developing how we will retrofit buildings across the country in an open way. We want the entire community to be part of fixing our existing commercial real estate. We feel the problem is just that large.

Clearly there are more details to be worked out. Why an academic institution? Why a paper project? When do we start? How do you get involved?

Stay tuned to the blog throughout the week as we get into greater detail on every one of these points, by the end of the week a complete proposal package will be ready for download.

The Build2Sustain Paper Project - Blog - Build2Sustain


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