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Friday, February 12, 2010

LEED, BIM and Smart Buildings in the land of Green Opportunity

The Green Skeptic, Scott Edward AndersonThis week Musings welcomes Scott Edward Anderson. Scott is founder of VerdeStrategy and the popular blog “the green skeptic.” He has held management positions with Ashoka and The Nature Conservancy, is co-founder of the Cleantech Alliance Mid-Atlantic, and a frequent commentator on Fox Business Network. VerdeStrategy is a consulting and advisory firm focused on the clean tech, energy, and environment sectors. You can follow Scott on Twitter at @greenskeptic.
“LEED buildings are great, until the tenant moves in,” the head of a large, international construction company once said to me. “Once the tenant moves in, the environmental sustainability of the building goes out the window.”
Du Bois later added that “one of the promises of BIM is, potentially, to be able to do continuous commissioning on a building. LEED is leaning this way toward looking more at the performance of a building after it’s occupied rather than solely at the attributes of the building at the point where the plaque is hung in the lobby.”
But, as Matthew Millan, a Philadelphia-based architect pointed out to me, “BIM doesn’t really have a feedback mechanism. You can enter information about how you think the building will perform once it’s occupied, but it is still speculative.”

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