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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

dODDS and ENDS: Tags vs Redlines in Navisworks

Ah, time for a little Navisworks action. For those of you who can't afford the $10,000 pricetag of the contractor's best friend, you can always download Navisworks Freedom for free to walk through your models.

As an example, we're working with a contractor on a project that has a 192 MB file that is only 11 MB when converted to Navisworks. There's no better way to work through your buildings for free than exporting as a 3D DWF and use it with Navisworks Freedom or even Design Review.

Source: http://doddsandends.typepad.com/blog/2010/02/tags-vs-redlines-in-navisworks.html

Well I think I am going to dig up all of my driveway and walkway to install radiant heating. After shoveling 32" of snow and creating mounds taller than myself (which is not hard to do) I thinking that radiant heating may be a better solution. Although with my luck it would just freeze anyway and I would be left with ice and lots of snow on top of the ice. Good times right?

I'll digress about my winter wonderland and get to my question that came up at AU this past year and again a few weeks ago during a presentation. As contractors and VDC coordinators how do you prefer to leave comments and red-lines behind after coordination meetings? I get lots of different opinions and thoughts, but I would like to hear from the masses and see what comes about. For now I will toss out two ideas but others are of course welcome. Email me or leave comments and I will repost the most common answers.

Option 1:
Add Red-lines and Comments directly to the individual clash and save the viewpoint. The comments and red-lines are shared in the report.


Option 2:
Use Tag tool to add numbered tags and comments that can be viewed on the clash report.

dODDS and ENDS: Tags vs Redlines in Navisworks


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