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Friday, February 26, 2010

Doors in Schedule Not Listing From Room or To Room Fields - The Revit Clinic

Did I ever tell you the reason I fell in love with Revit 5 years ago was because I saw the automatic door scheduling feature. Ask any contractor if they've ever seen a door schedule that matches the number of doors on the plans and it's been 'no' every time. I'm so beyond discussing features of Revit as a reason to move to it, but how can you sit there counting doors, windows and other items and manually put them on a CAD drawing? I just don't get it.

It's all about quantities, cost and bringing that building in on budget. Find me another solution that does it as easily as Revit and I'll stop harping on BIM outshining CAD.

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If you come across doors in a schedule not listing the From Room or To Room fields there are a few steps we can work through:

1. First check the room Instance Properties > Limit Offset for rooms not correctly displaying fields in the schedule. You will need the rooms set to at least a few inches above half the height of the door to be detected. For example, if you have a 10’-0” door ensure the room Limit Offset is at least 5’-2” or else the field will be blank in the schedule.

2. If that does not resolve the issue ensure the room is in a properly enclosed region. Rooms that are not enclosed will not properly show these fields in the door schedule.


3. If this does not resolve the issue try cutting & pasting the room to the same place. To avoid the room numbers shifting when pasting you can place the room in a group first using the approach in the post below:

Prevent Room Numbers From Changing When Cut & Pasted

Original: Doors in Schedule Not Listing From Room or To Room Fields - The Revit Clinic


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