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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ENERGY STAR Leaders Program Proves Successful : Green Building Law Update

Don't you love that the lawyers are involved in BIM and LEED. Just make sure you're properly trained in all of this newfangled BIM technology so you can keep the lawyers off your back. There's no cutting corners with BIM.

Repost: http://www.greenbuildinglawupdate.com/2010/02/articles/codes-and-regulations/energy-star-leaders-program-proves-successful/

What would you tell the federal government about green building law if you had the opportunity?

This past weekend, I contemplated this question as I prepared for a presentation that two colleagues - Catherine Kunz and Stephen McBrady - and I will be giving to the National Research Council and 15 federal agencies that will be in attendance. While preparing for the presentation, I came across new information and resources that I will share with you over the coming weeks.

While my presentations often focus on legal pitfalls facing the green building industry, I like to start each presentation on a positive note, by pointing out the benefits of the green building industry. For the presentation to the National Research Council, I will begin with this headline:

What is the ENERGY STAR Leaders Program and why has it worked?

"Owning a building that achieves top energy performance is a sign of good management, but owning a portfolio of buildings that achieves continuous improvement in energy performance demonstrates superior management and environmental leadership. Those ENERGY STAR partners who demonstrate continuous improvement organization-wide, not just in individual buildings, qualify for recognition as ENERGY STAR Leaders. . . .

An ENERGY STAR Leaders designation helps you leverage your management success, as organizations with strong energy management often outperform their competitors by as much as 10%. Associations, financial analysts, and other stakeholders can use the Leaders designation as an objective way to distinguish leading organizations from their peers. In addition, with more than 68% of U.S. households recognizing ENERGY STAR as the national symbol for protecting the environment through energy efficiency, ENERGY STAR Leaders can promote their energy efficiency improvements to customers and clients."

While I have concerns about other federal green building programs and regulations, the ENERGY STAR Leaders program is successfully promoting energy efficiency in the nation's building stock.

What other governmental green building programs would you deem a success?

ENERGY STAR Leaders Program Proves Successful : Green Building Law Update


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