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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Inside the Factory: Revit as a Database

Remember, the secret to BIM is the database of information.

Source: http://insidethefactory.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/02/revit-as-a-database.html

This post marks the beginning of an exploration into a little-known new feature of Revit: RDB Link. Well, not exactly a feature, but an add-in that was developed in-house, released on Autodesk Labs last year and "graduated" last month to a subscription bonus tool. Revit has been able to export to a number of database formats via ODBC for some time, but it has always been a one-way trip. RDB Link now allows you to edit that exported data and import it back into the RVT file, all without closing Revit or the database! Since being released on Labs, I have not seen any examples of this tool being put to good use. I have been playing around with RDB Link since a recent customer visit highlighted two problems that I thought the tool could be useful for: driving irregular column size/placement and scheduling level heights in a large tower project. The following video shows how these two tasks could be completed with RDB Link (albeit on a very small test file.) Have any of you tried this tool? What are some other uses you can imagine?
Source Link: Inside the Factory: Revit as a Database


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