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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Local File Username Change Loop - The Revit Clinic

As a side note to the post below, check out RevitOped -Worksets Tip - Add the Extension - add the telephone extension to a person's Workset username.


Here’s a good scenario to avoid should you change your Revit username. As a best practice always create a new local file versus continuing to work in the existing local or you will run into the following scenario:

1. You have a local file, created and last saved with User1.

2. The user then opens Options > Username, and changes the username to User2 while still in the original local file.

3. They continue to work in the local file making a number of changes or adding new content.

4. When they attempt to save they receive the following error message:


5. Opening Collaborate > Worksets dialog brings up the next message:


6. Then in attempting to set your username back to User1, you navigate to Options > Username, and change the username back to User1.

7. Because changes were made to the project since the last save with a different username you will be unable to save. You will receive the following message instead:


You can’t save because modifications were done with a different username and you can’t change your username because modifications were done with a different username that haven't been saved.

As a best practice you should not find yourself in this scenario but if you do there are a few options:

1. If no one else has worked in the central file since this happened, you could potentially save this local file as the new central file. R > Save As > Project > Options > check Make this a Central File after save, and resave the local as a new central file. Afterward new local files can be created to include the latest changes.

2. If the work was contained to a specific view or area, you may be able to cut the modified geometry to the clipboard [use CTRL + X]. Next use Undo all the way back to the last save. Options > Username, and set it back to User1. Synchronize with Central. Then Modify > Paste Aligned > Same Place. This will put the geometry changes you cut back into the project under the current username and you can synchronize with central again.

3. Discard the changes to the file and create a new local file with the correct username.

source: Local File Username Change Loop - The Revit Clinic


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