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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Navisworks Render Image Inaccurate - Beyond the Paper


Some customers experience "rips", "tears" or another anomaly in the model when using the Render or Export Rendered Image functionality.

It should also be noted that the problem does not go away, once it has started. Even if the file is closed and renewed attempts are made.

This may be due to missing geometry when rendering large models, particularly models with a very large ground plane or large 3D space. This is a known issue and related to the rendering engine used in Navisworks.

Here's the one workaround that seems to have resolved the majority of cases. Improve your Render performance by hiding geometry (CTRL-H) that is unused in your view or unrelated.

Please send us any feedback, comments or suggestions you may have.

Thank you.

Navisworks Render Image Inaccurate - Beyond the Paper


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