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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Revit Journal File Messages - The Revit Clinic

I don't know how we're supposed to process and retain all of this information, but thank goodness for google and blogs.


Journal files record and include a number of messages. Many of them are helpful to troubleshoot or isolate an issue when it does occur.

I’ve included 5 journal messages below, generally what they mean, and if there is an approach to resolve a potential issue. These files are constantly being written to in the “C:\Program Files\Revit Version\Journals” folder:

1. DBG_INFO: [TKY] Not sure which partition borrowed element -1 (original 1219) came from. Probably need info from central file rather than using local info. Try Reload Latest Worksets

Most likely a crash occurred in the local file, this message occurs when it is opened back up. Most occurrences can be resolved with this technical solution.

2. [TKY] mirrorId origId = 870666 creation = 7f4e7301-6ec9-4115-8710-197375bbeb56 != invElemId origId = 870665 creation = 7f4e7301-6ec9-4115-8710-197375bbeb56: line 3711 of .\DocView\EditingPermissions.cpp.

The element ID’s will vary, but the message should be similar. This typically indicates issues with an outdated file. Open the central file with audit, resave, and create a new local file. New local files should be created on a daily basis.

3. DBG_WARN: Could not create a bitmap. Probably memory is low.\PreviewUtil.cpp

If you come across repeated lines of this in a users journal file around the time of a crash, thumbnails should be disabled on the workstation through the registry. I have included the steps below:

-Open the Registry Editor : Start > Run > REGEDIT.
-Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\
-Double-click the DisableThumbnailCache value, or go to Edit ->
New -> DWORD value to create a new value by that name.
-Enter 1 for its value.
-Click Ok and close the Registry Editor when you're done;
restart the workstation afterward.

4. DBG_WARN: Sub-inst not in super-inst table: line 126 of .\Elem\FamSubInstStuff.cpp.

This message could occur when loading a family with several nested families inside. This should be resolved by applying the update 2 service pack for Revit 2010 products.

5. DBG_WARN: [TKY] readWorksetCheckouts guid cd281bf4-58c3-49a3-8157-2256ad3fbf90: no DSIRecord: line 11712 of .\MFC\DocumentStorageIndex.cpp.

Again the numbers will vary, but this message indicates a central file location has changed since the project file was last saved. For example if the project file was physically moved, or a user accessed the file through a different mapped location and saved it. See #5 in this technical solution for additional information, and the dialog which the user should see.
Source: Revit Journal File Messages - The Revit Clinic


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