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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

REVIT Rocks !: RAC 2010 - The New Curtain System by Lines

I'm so glad that Daryl updated this video for 2010. Daryl, I've been using this video in demonstrations for several years now and it was instrumental in getting people on board with Revit. Thank you for everything you've done towards the cause.

For the rest of you, daylighting, shading, energy analysis, clash detection, fabrication, etc. This stuff is so important for the future of the AEC industry.

Tutorial/Repost: http://revitrocks.blogspot.com/2010/02/rac-2010-new-curtain-system-by-lines.html

Here's the new way to create a 'Curtain System by Lines'.
In previous versions of REVIT there was a simple straight forward way to create the curtain system as illustrated above by using a tool called 'Curtain System By Lines'.
The first thing we noticed in RAC 2010 is that tool is gone without at trace. Not only is it gone but if you go to the help menu to the 'Where is my Command' tool and search for it you will discover that it does NOT tell you where that command went to. It has been erased from the face of REVIT without any direction as to the 'NEW' way to do it . . . . . . that is until now of course : )
1. Create a new In-Place Mass Form by picking existing geometry or linework.
2. Turn the linework into a 'Form' and finish the mass.
3. Use the Curtain System by Face tool.
4. Add the Curtain Grids.
5. Add the Mullions.
6. Bob's your Uncle !
See the CADclip below for a complete demonstration.

REVIT Rocks !: RAC 2010 - The New Curtain System by Lines


цarьchitect February 16, 2010 at 2:19 PM  

For some reason this makes me want to model the Neue Staatsgalerie


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