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Monday, February 8, 2010

Revit Tech Support - This link is already loaded using a different workset configuration

Published date: 2010-Feb-08
ID: TS14510396
Applies to:
Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2010
Revit® Architecture 2009
Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2010
Revit® MEP 2009
Autodesk® Revit® Structure 2010
Revit® Structure 2009


When reloading latest or synchronizing with central you receive a The link is already loaded using a different workset configuration. From the Insert tab, select Manage Links to modify this link message.


This message occurs when another user makes changes to the workset configuration of a linked file, and synchronizes with central. When a second user reloads latest or synchronizes with central they receive the message because their current workset configuration is different.
The following is a scenario where this message can occur:
  • There are 2 users working in local files, User1 & User2.
  • User1 links in a Revit project, and leaves the workset configuration set to All.
  • User1 synchronizes with central.
  • User2 synchronizes with central or reloads latest which includes the change to the workset configuration.
  • User2 makes a change to the link workset configuration under Insert > Manage Links > Revit > Reload From > Open > Workset: Specify. For example they set a workset to not be opened and reload the link this way.
  • User2 synchronizes with central.
  • User1 then later reloads latest or synchronizes with central. Since User1 last had the link loaded with a different workset configuration than User2 modified they will receive the message.
When closing this dialog the synchronization with central should complete normally.
User1 and User2 would now have a different workset configuration loaded. If User1 synchronizes with central, and then User2 synchronizes with central, User2 will receive the message again.
To permanently avoid this message the worksets can be left to the default Workset: > All option or reloaded this way.

Autodesk - Autodesk Revit Services & Support - This link is already loaded using a different workset configuration


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