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Monday, February 1, 2010

Troubleshooting Revit Licensing Error 17 Continued - The Revit Clinic

Source: http://revitclinic.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/02/troubleshooting-revit-licensing-error-17-continued.html

If you’re getting an error 17 licensing status, and the steps in the error 17 troubleshooting technical solution don’t resolve the issue, it could be one of some other related issues I have included below:

1. If all of the workstations are receiving this error it may be the license file. If the package portion of the license file is incorrect, an error 17 status can be listed in Revit. Verify the license file was combined properly.

There is a license file parser utility to easily read the license file contents here which should help. Additional information is available on our Without a Net blog.

2. If the license file is correct, make sure the correct serial number and product key was used when the product was installed or the deployment was created. The full list of Revit product keys is available here.

3. In the “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\Adlm” folder for Windows XP or “C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Adlm” folder for Windows Vista\7, there should be 2 main files.

The CascadeInfo.cas and the ProductInformation.pit. The CascadeInfo.cas is created\checked at product start-up, where the ProductInformation.pit is created on install.

If deleting the CascadeInfo.cas doesn’t resolve the issue, and you are going to be reinstalling Revit 2010, make sure to backup and then delete the ProductInformation.pit file as well. This will ensure a clean copy of the file is recreated at product install in case this file may be corrupt.

4. There is one additional condition which can potentially trigger the error 17 status. This typically occurs with a version of Revit that is part of a suite product. I have included a technical solution on this topic below:

AutoCAD 2010 products are able to acquire a network license but Revit 2010 products cannot

Lastly, there is a top Revit licensing issues technical solution which groups these and other technical solutions for reference:

Top licensing issues with Autodesk Revit products


Troubleshooting Revit Licensing Error 17 Continued - The Revit Clinic


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