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Monday, March 15, 2010

Autodesk Webcast of "updated' products March 25!!!!

This just in....On March 25, Autodesk will officially announce their updates to the portfolio of software.

I know this is what all you BIMheads have been waiting for and you know Revit3D.com will be one of the first places on the planet to get up to the minute information. I'd recommend you subscribe to the blog so you can read it here first.

Date: 3/25/10
Start Time: 9:00 SF/12:00 New York/16:00 UK/17:00 CET

Register today to join Autodesk CEO Carl Bass and Senior Vice President Amar Hanspal for
an exclusive live webcast to learn about updates to Autodesk’s portfolio of design software
for the AEC, manufacturing and general design industries.

Register: Autodesk Webcast

Here's some speculation from another blogger:


In Autodeskspeak, “general design” means AutoCAD, so you can expect this to be the same kind of thing as the AutoCAD 2010 launch I attended last year. (Note: ‘launch’ does not mean ‘release’). At this event, selected bloggers will probably get to see the big production effort that goes into the launch webcast (no, it’s not done on Shaan’s laptop webcam). They can expect to be transported, housed, fed and watered by Autodesk, which I trust we’ll see disclosed by everybody this year.

More importantly, they will most likely be given access to various significant Autodesk people, such as my video interview on the Autodesk Listening theme. These events are both worthwhile and great fun, and my best wishes go out to those bloggers who will be attending this time round.

For the previous three years, you will have seen bloggers reporting on the contents of the new release in early February, but this has not happened not this time. Why is the information being held back so long this time, with the launch 48 days later this year than last? I genuinely have absolutely no idea. Feel free to speculate.


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