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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BIMuzer » Blog Archive » Change #2 – CADuzer becomes BIMuzer - thanks to Revit3D.com

Well, I think my work is done here. I've officially gotten CADuzer to become BIMuzer.  We can all rest easy.  What started out as a New Year's gift has become something real and special.  I told Scott last year that he should refer to CADuzer as Coordination, Analysis and Design and I just couldn't see a BIM manager suffer any more with the Scarlet Letter 'A'utoCAD, the book about after committing AutoCAD and struggles to create a new life of Revit and Design or something like that.  I read it in 1981. It's all very fuzzy now. 

Anyway, I was glad to get Scott his new domain name and I'm glad he's put it to good use.  There's nothing I like more than converting CAD users to BIM users and this is the perfect place to start.  Scott, good luck with the new job and I'm glad you've banished CAD forever from your site. 

Source: http://bimuzer.com/?p=1024

Hey All. Change #2 is here and it’s a doozy!! After around 15 years of identifying with the name “CADuzer,” it is time to change to that which I have been preaching for a while now…BIMuzer. I want to thank Gregory Arkin of Revit3D (http://bimboom.blogspot.com/) for his very generous gift of this domain name. As you can see, there have been a couple of issues in the transfer, but, it gives me a good opportunity to recreate the site. Stay tuned…

BIMuzer » Blog Archive » Change #2 – CADuzer becomes BIMuzer 


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