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Friday, March 19, 2010

CADuzer becomes BIMuzer, BIM’vangelism?

Special shout out to Robin, half way around the world in New Zealand. Thanks for the post Robin and thanks for your great blog too. Yes, I admit it, I'm a BIMvangelist. As long as there are line drafters in the world, I will use my superpowers to bring the world close to 100% BIM.

Source: http://rcd.typepad.com/rcd/2010/03/caduzer-becomes-bimuzer-bimvangelistism.html

Writing about meeting Greg Arkin at Autodesk University (see BIM Bids Only!) I described his style as “BIM’vangelistic”. It seems some BIM’vangelism, combined with the gift of a domain name, worked for Scott!

CADuzer becomes BIMuzer - thanks to Revit3D.com

BimUserWell, I think my work is done here. I've officially gotten CADuzer to become BIMuzer. We can all rest easy. What started out as a New Year's gift has become something real and special…


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