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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Curved Monolithic Stairs – Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Don't "Stair" too long at this one.

Repost: http://rvit.wordpress.com/2010/03/11/curved-monolithic-stairs-am-i-doing-something-wrong/

One of my Revit Architecture users hit a snag the other day when making a curved set of stairs to get up to a stage in an elementary school. They were going to be cast-in-place, so we opted for monolithic.

Now, I have never been a huge stair fan in Revit. Most of the time, in fact, I hate them (I despise their close relative, the railing, who has become my nemesis). So when something started going wonky, I wasn’t surprised.

Maybe we’re doing something wrong. Maybe we have a parameter set incorrectly. But let me tell you, I tried it on multiple projects, with multiple combinations of parameters, and different materials, and heights, etc etc. Always had the same bizarre situation:

In plan, everything looked nice and played well together. So we thought we were good.

Looks great!

A section cut is where something told us things were angry. Where are the stairs?!

Something is amiss

When in doubt, go to 3D. A quick camera dropped in, or switching to your 3D view can answer many questions that other views cannot. That’s why we model it! Unfortunately, this was not the case. Going to 3D just was more bizarre.

Where are my stairs?!

The only thing we can figure is that Revit is refusing to let the “section” of a monolithic stair go past its calculated point, so it just slices it. What? And this is only for stairs whose type is checked as “monolithic”. Non-monolithic curve fine.

Non-mono looks goooood...

This is crazy. We opted for an in-place family sweep, but even that doesn’t make me happy, because you cannot use the STAIR category for in-place families. Another bizarre and severe limitation.

If you have seen this issue, and you know how to work past it, feel free to post a comment and let everyone know. Otherwise, just be aware of the insanity, and cross your fingers that stairs (and their jerk cousin, railings) get an overhaul soon.

Source: Curved Monolithic Stairs – Am I Doing Something Wrong?


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