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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Revit Kid.com!: The Revit Kid.com's - Revit Sweeper


While researching Revit API I picked up on some programming languages. Well, it turns out I am enjoying programming quite a bit. I wrote this program in the begninning of the semester. I got so much use out of it that I figured I would share it with the world with the launch of The Revit Kid.com's mini-site: Revit Sweeper.com:

The Revit Kid.com presents:
Revit Sweeper!

Initially, Revit Sweeper was a practice program that I developed in order to hone my programming skills. It turns out that I have found it very useful. I have decided to release it to the public in hopes of making my fellow Revit user's lives a bit more easy.

What is it?

How many Revit projects are you working on? How large are they? How many families are in your "Revit Family" Directory? Now, take the size and multiply it by 4... That is how much space Revit Backup files are using on your hard drive.

Revit Sweeper is a very simple little Windows program that searches a specified directory for Revit backup files. Then, per the users request, deletes them.


  • Search by directory.
  • Removes the hassle of control clicking in every directory and deleting Revit backup files.
  • Frees up precious hard drive space.
  • Works with backup files from all versions of Revit.
Don't I need the backup files?

The short answer, no. If you worked on a family 3 months ago, saved it, and havn't touched it since. You clearly do not need the backup files. The backup files are more of a temporary solution for crashes, power outages, etc... How many times have you deleted those obnoxious "*.0001.rvt" files?

How does it work?

Well, the programmers secret is all he has. I will tell you it uses an algorithm that searches for the backup files.

Known Issues?

I have been using the software quite a bit and these are the two issues I have ran into:
  • Right now, Revit Sweeper will only delete files in the Selected Directory and on level of sub Directories. The reason for this was simply performance related. Not to mention a typically Revit Family Directory consists of a root folder, "Revit Families", and one level of sub-directories; "Doors", Windows", etc...
If users run into any issues they must contact me. I will resolve them and release a patch, or new version, as soon as possible. This revised version will be free to all existing costumers.

Source: The Revit Kid.com!: The Revit Kid.com's - Revit Sweeper


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