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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some more news about Revit

The product release dates that Autodesk distributed were issued on February 26th.  In product development years, that's not a long time.

You never know what can happen from then to now.

So far, all of you have wasted a combined 10 days and 19 hours on my blog today.  I hope you're proud of yourselves.  Today is the most unproductive day of the year so far for all of you Revit fanatics.
 [Update: as of 3/27 there were 4393 visitors and 19,000 post views with about 24 days accumulated time.  That's a lot of interest in the new versions.]

This doesn't include all of the RSS feeds and emails, so with those, it's probably about 18 days of accumulated time that we'll never get back.  18 days x 24 hours x $100/hour billable rate means I've created a loss of productivity of over $43,000.  This is only a fraction of what will happen when the Revit 2011 products are actually released into the wild and you spend your first few days with them.

Thank you for everyone who visited today, welcome new subscribers and I do need your help.
The Autodesk Virtual tour requires my company to register 400 people.  If you could all please just register for the event.  You don't actually have to attend, I just need registrants.  It'll just take two minutes of your time.  Thank you.


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