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Friday, March 26, 2010

uh...never mind about AutoCAD Revit Visualization Suite's death

Well, apparently, the Revit Visualization Suite is not dead, it's just in a coma.  I was informed by Autodesk that it's just a little delayed. 

It was removed from the pricebook and we had been given bad information about it no longer being available.  It's a great product for anyone focused around visualization.  Between the tools of Revit, 3ds Max Design and Navisworks, it does give you every possible tool to use visualization to the extreme.

If you ever wanted to, you could crossgrade from Revit Architecture Suite to the Visualization Suite for less money than buying the products individually.  The really nice part is the subscription price is lower than the individual prices combined. 

So, maybe next quarter it will show up in its rightful place. 

At this time, I'll make a small  statement.  The posts, commentary, opinions and any information on this blog is not the opinion of Autodesk or CADD Centers of Florida. This blog is completely independent of any organization, corporation or business entity.  I've gone Revit Rogue.  Do not hold anyone else responsible for anything that is said here.  At no time will I personally endorse a product or service that would be considered unflattering or controversial to a reasonable person.  Information disclosed here is only such that it becomes generally known to the public.  Furthermore, I love AutoCAD.  I think it's wonderful and the best software program in the whole world.  I think everyone should own at least one copy of it.  There, that should make the stockholders happy.  Just keep buying more AutoCAD.  That will make the stock go up.  Sure.


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