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Friday, March 26, 2010

Up to the minute news from the Autodesk Bloggers Preview Presentation from Autodesk - Live notes from 1pm - 230pm with updates posted

Large team workflow performance improvements.
UI improvements: properties palatte always open, dockable and can be moved to other monitor.
Access to worksets and design options in status bar.
The ribbon modify tools are now consolidated into a single panel.
Text enhancements, customizable elevation tags, just the start on text improvements.  Drawing list improvements, consistent sheets.
No limits on cores for rendering.

Improved formed editing, sketch mode to modify profiles. Can do intersects for surface division.
Can define points and constraints of a component.  Can make much more flexible components.

Visualization and Analysis. Materials in editable views, ambient lighting. Improvements in the graphics engine.

Sun path simulation, to see sunpath in the view itself.  Modify date and time of the sun and position.

Revit Structure 35 enhancements.:
Enhanced Design Features:
reinforcement, 3d spiral shapes, slabe edges, configure rebar sets, addition hook bend radii, major area spacing in tags.
Concrete joining, complex beam profiles,

Analytic model can be set from structural core, one of long time requests.  More rigid links options.
For slanted columns, can place columns plan vie. Can use sketch lines and align a beam to a wall or beam. For trusses, explode truss, sketch chords.

Increased productivity: steel frame generator extension, reinformcement exentensions, ASD interoperability.

Revit MEP:
Sunpath, Revit API high integration.   Cable trays and conduit, with or without fittings.  Added surface connectors to equipment.  Don't need individual connectors.  allows to select using temporary connections, a real powerful tool. Control bend radius in canvas.  Change the bend radius on the fly.  Extended copy/monitor, plumbing, lighting, etc, can map objects now to generic architect objects.
Demand factors support NEC DF types.  User definable load classifcations.  Replaced HTML report with an excel like report with customized templates, move columsns, add parameters, lots of controls for panels.  Support for international circuit naming conventions. Once you create a panel, can rename circuits, lock them down, group them, assign spares and spaces, rebalance loads, move circuits.  A very exciting new tool.

Put valves and fitting in section/elevation/3d views.  Added oval ducts, no longer a limitation. Lots of new content for low voltage as well.  Can add companion flanges.
Tagging on Placement for any type of object, tag by category and relocate tags while in command to save lots of time.

Conceptual modeling enhancements per user requests.  Ability to edit profiles, by paths, profiles, and sweeps or resolves.  See the form, make modifications, New tool, disolve form.  takes it down to elemental pieces or skeleton, move, pick and create form, saving a ton of time and increase workflow.

Sun path settings, single, multiday, sunrise to sunset, can manipulate on the screen, change time, date, etc.  and updates instantly.  Handy for renderings, for sun position, make a new view.  Solar studies: can preview them on screen and do the simulation for presentations.

Rendering and visual styles:  Great new styles for working views, consistent colors, takes the sun out of the picture, great for interior views, no dark faces from shadows.  Realistic views, instant renered look, see if all materials applied correctly, decals shown.  For renderings, 4 core limit removed, have procedural textures, a little known feature.  The look and feel changed, but functionality the same. Enhancement, better for procedural textures.  Other big request, the background images, sky color and image now.  Just browse for picture and controls, offets, etc.

1:26pm. Nice to be able to have control without photo shop.

The UI stuff:  resizable dockable properties palatte.  If you close it, PP to bring it back up and puts it where it was last.  Access to type selector, edit type dialog, a filter between instantce and view you are in. No view properties on right click now.  If multiselect, filtering information is there.
When you edit a parameter, enter twice, apply or move cursor out of dialog box.
Quick access toolbar, easily customizable.  Keyboard shortcuts UI, now super easy.  Access to every tool and every piece of functionality on the screen.  Filter by tab and search, really easy to find.  Simply highlight, type shortcut and apply.  Can use shift, control and alt as well.  Other nice thing available as soon as you assign them and show up on tool tips.  Only one for entire application, not for project and family environment.

The ribbon, all tools are now static.  Also, great for muscle memory.  Much easier to train yourself now.  More intuitive.  Some right click functionality, repeat last and recent commands.  Selection, if you pick something, visible in view of that sheet or the entire project, must be on the screen, not hidden.  Repeat last command, added keyboard accelerator.
Worksets and design, controls in status bar, easy to change, open, and speed things up to increase workflow.

1:33pm For large projects, host and linked projects. First thing, is workset control. Used to have visibility, now global and per view basis, set global setting on or off for worksets.  Go to visibility graphics with new options, primary and per view setting that can be overrided.  Turn on a linked file and can apply filters across the link, don't have to open the other project, simply go to visibility graphics, custom view filters by host view and apply them to linked file.

Tagging elements in linked files, to consolidate tags, can go to annotate, select doors in host and linked, tag all, included elements from linked files and door tags on all doors.
If tags get lost or orphaned, use reconcile hosting to find orphan tags, to delete, move, etc.
Helps manage data over multiple files.

1:37. Betsy Werra Revit Structure details - 30 enhancements.  Focus on just a few for day to day use.
Slanted columns, now added in plan view.  As you select column can select base and top. They added another parameter, to place end of column anywhere on element.
In a different view, can now attach slab or roof to slanted columns.
Another slanted column enhancement is base cut style.  Change top and bottom cuts.
Beam system enhancements. Pick beam system outside boundary area.
Another enhancement, explode beam systems, to place whereever you need, beyond boundary.
Truss family improvements, attach truss to curved roof element, go to properties, change width span, and still can now modify profile of truss.
Asign bottom chord to slab or roof element.  You can explode trusses now, and now indivdual framing elements, not locked by boundary of family.
Connections symbols: In the past, for connection system in properties, limited options, now create any type of look for connection symbols.  You can add symbols quickly, and make framing plan look the way you want.
Next, another enhancement. Analytic model enhancements to adjust the model to go into analysis software.  For example, change a wall horizontal projection to center of core because need to align load.  If you need to move an analytical object, in the properties, establish various horizontal projections, beam location, horizontal plane, etc.  Very important for engineers to have more flexibility now.
Moving on to vertical enhancments,for beams now have two extra choices, by location line or can also do it at bottom of beam.  For columns, can actually go ahead and make manual adjustments for analytical column adjustments to align with beams and readjust quite easily.

1:50PM Extensions for Revit Structure.  Frame generator, within a dialog box make. This is only for subscription customers. Establish a span spacing, it adjusts each frame, if you add another bay, click add button, make identical, go to placement locations and materials, and now look at geometry.  Very customizable and the extension does the work.
Load takedown extensions: Take all of the loads on the structure and define where they are distributed through structural system to see the forces and loads for early design analysis.  Runs right within Revit.  Amazing to see the results and export as a report.  Word, excel, html and print.  The save button can let you add the point loads to your model.
Another extension, used to need Robot, no longer, it's included in Revit Structure.  The other extension is the composite design extension.  Use it according to your building codes.  Click on design button, tells you where beam is failing. You can design a member, by composite or not composite.  Set up restrictions, limits, loads, all right within the settings, great for early design analysis.

2:03PM Armundo Darling.  Revit MEP enhancements. MEP fixture management. Problems with lights had to be copied, now can copy/monitor the MEP fixture. Click copy/monitor, select link and in options, can see architectural and MEP elements and also, can copy individually that have been updated or batch copy of lights, plumbing...and in addtion to that can also, copy original or specifically map it to an MEP feature with IES files, type mapping, set the fixture types to what we want.  Copy or replace with a mapped system.  Once it's in, leveraged and manipulated, schedule the information and pick up the loads on the panel system.
Make info changes and and the fixtures and this feature will save a lot of time.  Once we have the info in the file, now jump over to new features.

From customers, the panel schedules are fixed.  Panel schedules now based on templates.  Branch, data and switchboard panels, out of the box templates can be used, duplicated and customized.  Layout your standards for construction documents, have the ability to take existing panels and make the look the same.  Duplicate a branch panel, rename it, highlight one and make it the default, but also make some changes and edit it.  Click edit mode, make some changes, make template options changes.  Headers, load summary and footers can now have circuit table customized, vertical or horizontal.  Loads by phase, mirrored phases and more.  Help you with a visual aspect.  Multiphase circuits on an individual line.  Load summaries can see all load classifications.  Lots of user options now.  Formulas can now be added for different parameters, adjust columns, looks like Excel.  Can't copy and paste info though.  The look of the formatting is very adjustable now too.

2:12PM Next panel schedule enhancement, you can move circuits up and down on the schedule for specific devices on a panel, assign and keep info there.  Also, ability to lock and unlock.    Add spares and spaces and lock them in place until unlocked.  One other feature, if you have a circuit and room name changed, that was messy,  no longer. Use update name tool to update the room description on the panel.  Information can now be consistent and automated.

Next feature:  Add conduits to face of an object at whatever location you want.  No need to manually add connectors.  Cable trays added and a great feature.
 There's a ton more to come.

2:24PM  Dynamic Model update control.  Now have complete regeneration control


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