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Friday, March 26, 2010

Warning: Parameter Doesn't Exist in the Family. It Will Be Ignored. - The Revit Clinic


Many Revit users and manufacturers creating content are taking advantage of the ability to include a Type Catalog with their loadable families. In short, a Type Catalog is a text file that contains parameters and specifies values for mutiple family types. This is most useful when a family contains several types, such as a light fixture. Instead of having to create each individual type within the family and fill out the parameters, the Type Catalog supplies the values from the text file. The other advantage is that it allows a user to only load the types that they want in the project. You'll know that the family you are loading is using a Type Catalog when you see a dialog that looks like this:


(For more information on creating Type Catalogs, you can download the Revit MEP Families Guide here.)

The purpose of this post is to address an issue that sometimes occurs when a user attempts to load a family with a Type Catalog. The following warning may appear after selecting one or more types:


You'll notice that the warning specifies the name of the parameter that is being "ignored": Description. If you expand the warning dialog, any other parameters that have this same problem will also be listed. In this example, there are two parameters that are covered by the warning, Description and URL.


If you close the warning, the family still loads, but what does this warning mean? First off, this error is somewhat misleading. If you open the family and open the Types dailog, you'll see that the parameters do indeed exist. So what is this warning really saying?

Recall that the Type Catalog is supplying values for parameters in the family based on the associated text file. So when you select one or more types from the Type Catalog when loading the family, the text file is read and Revit attempts to place the values in the respective parameters. However, Revit "expects" that there is a default value specified for each parameter that is in the Type Catalog. If a default value was not included for these parameters when the family was created, Revit ignores the parameters and does not place any values for them. This is what you'll see when you open the family and look at the parameters:


The fix? Simply edit the family and supply a default value for any parameter listed in the warning dialog, save the family and reload it into the project. Now the warning will not appear and the values will be placed in their respective parameters based on the Type Catalog text file.

Source: Warning: Parameter Doesn't Exist in the Family. It Will Be Ignored. - The Revit Clinic


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