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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Webcast - Tuesday 2pm EST - IES VE Energy Analysis Tools for Revit

We are hosting a free 1 hour webcast Tuesday, March 30th at 2pm presented by IES via live webcast.   Click here to register.  Registrants will also be registered to see a live preview of Revit Architecture 2011.

After creating a model in Revit, you can go directly to the IES products and perform critical energy analysis early in the design stage.  Why pay engineers to spend large amounts of time to recreate your building with older technologies when you can do your own energy modeling?

You will learn about the energy analysis tools from Integrated Environmental Solutions: www.iesve.com

Energy/Carbon Simulation
Heating & Cooling Loads
Solar Shading
Daylight Assessment
Low/Zero-Carbon Technologies



Revit® plug-in - Powerful solutions for sustainable design

IES’s specially developed Revit plug-in Toolbar allows Revit® Architecture and MEP users to import their 3D BIM model into IES’s software and undertake sustainable performance analysis.

The great thing is you don’t need to rebuild any models – a clever interface takes you through the ‘Setting Model Properties’ process step-by-step. All you need to hand is basic information on building type, construction materials, and heating and cooling system types, at either the whole building or room level depending on what stage you are at in the design process.

Once you’ve set up your model you can access the different IES performance analysis products by clicking the relevant button. Each product offers different levels of functionality; so whether you are an architect or an engineer, want top-level information or want to explore in much more detail, there is a solution for you.

To start with there is our FREE building and energy calculator VE-Ware. Then our VE-Toolkits offer low cost, early-stage energy, carbon, daylight, solar and LEED analysis capabilities. Next is VE-Gaia, a complete workflow environment from modelling to reportage which is driven by "step-by-step" smart navigation. Finally our full VE-Pro suite provides incredibly detailed, high-end, integrated analysis options across all elements of building performance, with lots of additional modelling flexibility.

Beyond BIM
Building Information Modelling is a significant move towards integrated design – but if you really want to strive towards carbon neutral and energy saving, you need to integrate performance analysis right from the start.
IES does exactly that – ensuring that architectural elements and engineering systems work effectively together from concept stage onwards; optimising the collaborative workflow and putting sustainability right at the center of the discussion.
It really is achievable to take advantage of everything BIM tools have to offer and raise the bar towards the true definition of sustainability. IES has worked in partnership with Autodesk® Revit®, Google SketchUp™ and Graphisoft® ArchiCAD® to develop plug-ins or tight connectivity between these systems and ours, so that models can be translated directly without the need to re-build.


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