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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WYSIBIM Porting Your Business to a New Platform - The essence of BIM

Darn it. Jason beat me to the punch on Seth Godin's blog post today. I'm still not sure how every Godin post seems to relate to the architecture industry, but maybe that's why he's written books and is a marketing genius.

I don't want to repeat what Jason writes about below because it's perfect, but I'll just add a bit to it. When I had my computer consulting business, just about ever law firm I worked with had paralegals who always insisted that WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS was perfect and all they needed. They couldn't fathom changing to a Windows based word processing software and insisted that nothing could be better.

What did they really mean? That they had all the keyboard shortcuts memorized, and learning something new would slow them down. They had these stupid little formatting symbols that showed them how the document would look. How that was better than WSYIWYG - What you see is what you get - I just don't know. I remember the very first version of Microsoft Word that had WYSIWYG and it was awesome.

....and then the lightbulb goes off in my head. Yes, today at 2:59PM on 3/10/10. I finally figured it out. BIM is WYDIWWB - What you design is what we build. What a concept. Visualization, clash detection, coordination, building systems coordination, daylighting, line of sight, and the list goes on. F... your stupid lines, layers and colors. It's not about hatch patterns and fonts and all of that crap. WYSIWYG or WYDIWWB. It's that simple. You're not creating design, construction documents and providing the information necessary to build the buildings. It's WWDSIWWRFI - What we don't see is what we RFI. 2D CAD is stupid.

Stop hiding behind a roll of plans filled with details that aren't related to a project.  Your clients now know that BIM is in.  They know that technology will help them save money on their projects.  For all of you already on board, I apologize for the repeated rants.  Half of my readers don't use Revit.  They don't get it.  Their bosses don't get it.  Their CAD Managers don't get it.  The BIM Borg is here. Resistance is futile.

In a conversation I had 2 weeks ago with one of my readers and a fellow BIM blogger, he said that I was exactly the same on the phone as I was in my blog posts.  He said a lot of people hide behind their blog and their online persona is not the same as their real life personality.  Apparently, I'm WYSIWYG, What you see is what you Greg.  I can't apologize for my passion, love of technology and herding CADs into the future.  How do you take someone who's been doing the same thing for 28 years, resistant to change and get them to move out of their comfort zone?  You certainly can't do it by not ranting about Revit. 

What's your opinion on WYSIWIG?

From: http://jasongrant.squarespace.com/jason-grant-blog/2010/3/10/porting-your-business-to-a-new-platform.html
Porting Your Business to a New Platform: "
I am just about done reading Seth Godin's new book Linchpin which I plan to blog about but this post by Seth was perfect. Is your business like Wordperfect? Do you not see the rush to port your business to the new platform "BIM" because your customer base is still strong? Or do you believe that it will not affect you? If you don't think Seth understands "Architecture" or your industry, maybe Thom Mayne FAIA (Morphosis) can change your mind from his remarks at the 2005 AIA Convention, 'Change or Perish' He also followed up on this recently with a podcast where he said almost 5 years later that it is still relevant.

Seth Godin's Post

The Wordperfect Axiom
When the platform changes, the leaders change.
Wordperfect had a virtual monopoly on word processing in big firms that used DOS. Then Windows arrived and the folks at Wordperfect didn't feel the need to hurry in porting themselves to the new platform. They had achieved lock-in after all, and why support Microsoft?
In less than a year, they were toast.
When the game machine platform of choice switches from Sony to xBox to Nintendo, etc., the list of bestelling games change and new companies become dominant.
When the platform for music shifted from record stores to iTunes, the power shifted too, and many labels were crushed.
Again and again the same rules apply. In fact, they always do. When the platform changes, the deck gets shuffled.
... Read the rest here.


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