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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The ABCs of BIM, IPD, JOC, IOC - How to Expedite Sustainability, Renovation, and Repair Projects

I just got a LinkedIn Discussion Group email  that I thought I'd share with you.  I love the acroynms and there are some I've never heard of.  I just want you all to see the future.  You 2D drafters out there reading this, well, you're screwed.  It's all about the information, costing, collaboration and analysis that is going to rule the world and very very soon.  Welcome to the world of having to be responsible, not only for what you design, but for how much it will actually cost to build it.  There are no Change Orders, RFIs, Addendums and little pretty clouds with revision numbers on them.  That was last century.

So, I've warned you.  This is the future and you either start figuring it out now or don't even bother coming to work tomorrow.  You see, the GSA and commecial developers are now savvy enough to ask you what technology you're using to deliver them a finished project on time and on budget, not a set of blueprints.  There's one acronymn they didn't mention below that you need to be aware of.  It's called ASAP.  That's when you better start moving to BIM, LEED and IPD. 

LinkedIn Post: BIM, IPD, JOC, IOC - How to Expedite Sustainability, Renovation, and Repair Projects

The ability for owners, estimators, contractors, and project managers, to rapidly and accurately conceptualize, create, cost, prioritize, start, and report upon construction projects is required more than ever.

Attainment of this goal requires a process that enables a collaborative environment between owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and sub-contractors.
IOC embeds many of the collaborative aspects of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and BIM (Building Information Modeling), however, is fully deployable today.

IOC, or Integrated Order Contracting, integrates all collaborative DOD contracting mechanisms into a single estimating and complete project management system- Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contract (IDIQ), Job Order Contract (JOC), Simplified Acquisition of Base Civil Engineering Requirements (SABER), Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC), Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC), Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC), and others.

IOC embeds process, workflow, cost guides, document management, and collaborative aspects of all procurement methods to meet the demand for rapid project deployment, enhanced professionalism, efficiency, and transparency.

IOC is a proven construction project delivery framework supported by a robust technology backbone, well suited for meeting demands to expedite economic stimulus and sustainability/green projects faster.

What typically took months can now be accomplished in days.


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