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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Autodesk/Airline fees: Where will they pop up next? - CNN.com

I just heard a rumor that Autodesk is going to start charging by the click and command. The more lines you draw, the more you pay. Just kidding. What's next with the airlines, asking everyone to chip in for gas money? At least Autodesk has been consistent in their subscription pricing and they're offering more and more to subscription customers. Did you know they spent $500 million last year on software development?


(CNN) -- Traveler outrage grows with each new airline fee, and this week's air travel chatter has fliers wondering how many more ways the airlines can devise to nickel and dime passengers.

Discount carrier Spirit Airlines announced Tuesday that it would charge passengers for carry-on luggage stowed in overhead bins. European low-cost airline Ryanair has generated buzz with an article in its in-flight magazine outlining a toilet fee on flights of an hour or less, a proposal introduced last year that many industry watchers considered a clever public relations stunt.

Passengers don't seem to be amused, although Ryanair's toilet tax has generated plenty of sarcastic potty humor among CNN.com readers. But in all seriousness, some travelers say certain amenities should be included in the fare.

Airline fees: Where will they pop up next? - CNN.com


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