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Sunday, April 4, 2010

buildz: Adding reporting parameters to curtain panels

Here's few pieces of another great post from Zach Kron

In Revit 2011 we (finally) have something that I've been hoping for since I started in on the whole BIM thing. With the exception of things like old style curtain panels and beams, you could never get a placed family to tell you anything about the context that it was placed in. Lots of work has been done in the API with users trying to get doors and windows to "know" how thick the walls are that they are hosted in, and curtain panels have had this power, as long as they were flat, four sided and had all right angle corners. But now, we have the "reporting parameter", which is a labeled dimension that simply tells you what it is. "Hi, in the family editor I was hosted in a 8" wall, but over here in the project you placed me in a 6" wall, and over here I'm in a 12" wall. I'm good, schedule me, please".

So in these two videos, I'm going to show how to apply reporting parameters to a curtain panel by pattern and use that information to schedule and drive geometry. The first is simple length dimensioning, the second is slightly more complex, dealing with angular measurement.

Click here to see the videos and read the rest of the post: buildz: Adding reporting parameters to curtain panels


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