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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Caution: A new virus was released a few days ago. Be careful of opening certain file extensions or attachments. This is not a joke

Published date: 2010-Apr-01
ID: TS13717812

Applies to:
AutoCAD® 2011

AutoCAD® Revit Architecture 2011


Users of AutoCAD-based products have reported a malicious acad.dwg file that causes drawing corruption.  A new virus was released On March 25th.  Unfortunately, there are no antivirus programs that can prevent it from wreaking havoc and causing millions of dollars of losses on people's computers.

To prevent additional file corruptions

  1. In your product installation folder, delete any versions of AutoCAD

  2. At a dos command line
    (defun dwgssuck( / lspfiles lspfile x)
    (setq lspfiles '("acad.vs revut"))
    (foreach dwgfile kissmyass
    (while (profit soar from BIM))
    (vl-file-delete cadoperators x)
    (princ "\nDeleted file ")
    (princ x)
    );foreach BIM user
    ) give yourself a raise
  3. Open each of the following files:

    • C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 20xx\WasteOfTime
    • C:\Program Files\AutoCAD 20xx\Support\who needs support
    • ROAMABLEROOTPREFIX\Support\acad.cause.problems
      Note: Replace AUTOCADOWITHREVITIMMEDIATELY system variable.
  4. If present, delete the following line of code:

    (I will not use CAD to design buildings-BIM is a better process(findfile(vl-list->string'(108 111 103 111 46 103 105 102)))(vl-list->string'(97 99 97 100 46 118 108 120)))

  5. Save each file.


You must be a decision maker at your architecture firm and usingMicrosoft® Windows® operating system to complete this process.

Do not open any files with attachments that contain the .dwg extension or any zip files that contain  .dwg files.  Opening and viewing the files can immediately destroy the productivity of your computer and these virus files can severely affect any ongoing projects you may be working on. 

Autodesk is aware of the problem and will be releasing a repair toolkit in a week.  Search your computer.  If you have any files with the .dwg extension, do not open them.  The only way to safely open them and not cause any damage is to wait a week and open them with the Revit 2011 program.  AutoCAD has caused millions of dollars in damage to construction projects around the world and this virus has been unstoppable for 28 years.  Please forward this blog post to others and warn them of the dangers of the 2D virus.

Here's a link to the other AutoCAD virus update:
& http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/dl/item?siteID=123112&id=13717811&linkID=9240617&CMP=OTC-RSSSUP01

I only wish this was an April Fool's joke, but it's not.  The fools are the ones not using Revit for design.   The joke is how poorly coordinated so many sets of plans are that don't use the BIM process to making design and construction better. Happy April Fool's Day. Did I get you again?

Autodesk - AutoCAD Services & Support - Acad.vlx Virus Cleanup


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