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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Ongoing Conversation About BIM and WTF...

I've just had an idea that I'm going to experiment with.  I'm going to set up  weekly GoToMeeting Conference calls and take the blog live.  With luck, I will record it and make a podcast out of it.

Lets make it a round table/panel discussion, kind of a BIM free for all.  Maybe you can be anonymouus and ask any questions you may have.

We will call it BIM WTF.  WTF is for Workflow Timeline Fear.  I'm not sure how I will set up signs ups, but lets plan on doing it Fridays at noon and I will set up a link of that you can check in a day or so for details.

I'm hoping to make it an executive level discussion and it won't be about technical stuff.  I'd like principals to attend and find out the answers to questions like what's the difference between 50% DD of CAD drawings vs 50% DD of a Revit model.

Forward this to your Principal BIM newbie friends and contractors and we'll see if this goes anywhere.

Sign up and get more info at www.bimwtf.com


Peter McCarthy April 24, 2010 at 6:59 AM  

I like your advance thinking on blogging! interesting times ahead.


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